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Episode 63 :   Epic Crossover of Game of Thrones and Avengers Weekend  is now Live!  

The 10 Recent Episodes

Episode LXIII - Epic Crossover of Game of Thrones and Avengers Weekend

In light of the big weekend of Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones the guys decided to do a character crossover episode. Literally, the guys pluck actors from both of these franchises and put them in the world of Star Wars.​

Episode LXII - Back to the Real World and Beyond

David and John discuss what its like being back from SWCC as well as what they miss already. Whats the future hold for Star Wars after episode 9?

Episode LXI - Podcasters Crossover Episode 9 Talk 

This episode is Pure Magic soooo glad the Sith Talk guys happened to have recording devices handy. You got 6 podcasts chilling talking Star Wars by the fire. Check it out and enjoy The Rule of Two, Sith Talk, Clashing Sabers, Rebel Watch, Force Toast, & Beyond The Blast Doors Podcast.

Episode LX - Celebration Day Five & The Closing Surprise 

The boys talk about SWCC 19's last day at the con. What was the biggest news, fav panel as well as just overall thoughts. IF you think the Emperor's laugh was a shock just wait till you hear whats going down in 2020!

Episode LIX - Celebration Day Three & Four Mandos, Beer and Ahsoka 

They Guys are playing catch up on Saturday and Sunday events of Celebration Chicago. Needs less to say the guys are having to talk about alot but still have time for fun theories and conversation of beloved characters.

We Finally got it!! The title of episode 9 as well as a teaser trailer. SPOILER ALERT....IT was AMAZING. Listen up as we discuss the trailer and have a few laughs.

Episode LVII - Celebration Day One A Faulty POS Story 

We are here in beautiful Chicago and recapping the first day of STWCC 19. A lot of running around for Johnny Boy & Sweet Nelson....While David stood in line for 8 Hours. Cant wait for what Celebration Holds for us on day Two.

Episode LVI - John Caved!

Like the title says John Caved....Listen and find out what it is he caved on lol other than that the guys talk about celebration, Swag and the clone wars.

Episode LV - Celebration Round Up 

John & David talk all the latest tidbits of Star Wars Celebration. With only 7 days left before the show kicks off the heat is own. Oh YEAAAA we have SWAG for the convention.

Episode LIV - Celebration Checklist 

Celebration is around the corner and now is the time to buckle up and get ready for the party that is SWCC. Listen up and get tips and tricks from the guys before its game time.