Meet David
Star Wars has been a part of David's life for as long as he can remember. From an early age David was drawn to Star Wars because it was unlike anything he had ever seen before, and though he did not know why at the time he realized Star Wars was special. Perhaps it was the story telling, costumes, sound track or acting  but he could not put his finger on it. All he knew is he wanted more of the universe.

David was grateful to have a mother who was willing to buy him multiple storm troopers figures in order to increase his imperial forces and create new stories within the Star Wars universe. Stories played out with action figures and fireworks in the back yard.

Rather than most kids wanting to be like Luke or Han, David found himself drawn to Darth Vader.  Why Darth Vader you may ask? Well it is simple, we knew very little about him other than he was one of the top guys in the Empire and he had powers most of us could only dream about. Powers that seemed out of this world and easy for him to use.  Not to mention he also had a badass cape, was armored from head to toe and wielded a red lightsaber.

Later in life David's interest in the Sith/Empire grew like wild fire and he picked up countless books in the expanded universe, now known as Legends. At this time the prequels had already come and gone and George, the creator, said he was done and we would have no more movies in the Star Wars universe. So David read and read to grow his Star Wars knowledge one book at a time.

Currently we are living in what he calls the golden age of Star Wars. We find ourselves surrounded by Star Wars movies, cartoons, books and comics. Along with people you would never imagine being a fan and wanting nothing more than to talk Star Wars.


Meet John
John first stumbled across Star Wars while spending the summer at his Grandparents house. One day while rummaging through their collection of movies he came upon the original Star Wars Trilogy on VHS and decided to see what it was about. Not knowing where to start he popped in "Empire Strikes Back" and you think the rest would be history, but in Johns case he wasn’t drawn by the icy cold landscape of Hoth, the shocking news of Lukes lineage or the smooth words of Lando. 

This however was not the end of John's Star Wars journey. A little later on down the line John saw the prequels on TV and decided to give it a second chance.  This earlier backstory and its introduction of clones, bounty hunters and the good guy gone bad was what finally hooked John, thus started his Star Wars fandom.

It was not until about two years ago that John really dove into the Star Wars Universe and began to understand what it was completely.  David invited him to Celebration Anaheim and in order to get the full grasp of its history he decided that he would watch all 6 movies before he left. A feat not for the faint of heart. 

Once he saw the original trilogy his love for Star Wars propelled even further.  His favorite movie of them all is "The Return of the Jedi".  The experience of Celebration has now cemented his growing passion for Star Wars and now he is hooked for life.  The Rule of Two Podcast and where it may take us in the Star Wars Universe is just the beginning.